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Q & A with Geoff Rodkey | Scripts & Scribes

geoff rodkey

March 7, 2014 by Kevin

Interview with Daddy's Screenwriter Day Care and writer of the Chronicles of the Egg collection, Geoff Rodkey

Kevin Fukunaga (Scripts & Scribes) : Are you beginning as knowledgeable writer?

Geoff Rodkey: I began writing for an viewers within the mid 80s once I wrote humor articles for my highschool diary. The youngsters liked them and the expertise of commenting on something that I had written made me need to grow to be professional.

The first time I used to be paid, it was in 1993 that I bought a humor article to a short movie. Teen journal referred to as Quake which was edited by the girlfriend of one in every of my buddies in school. To be trustworthy, she in all probability wouldn’t have bought it if I didn’t know her boyfriend.

The second thing for which I used to be paid, also in 1993, was an episode of Beavis and Butt-head ("Cow Tipping"). I co-wrote with another university pal, Stewart Burns. We didn’t know anybody associated with the show, but we had one way or the other the identify and telephone number of the story editor, so we referred to as him and requested him. satisfied us to read a sample of writing and share with us his ideas.

A type of experiences was a state of affairs of day by day abandonment: I used to be paid $ 250 for the Beavis and Butt-head episode, and I feel $ 300 for the journal. However it was a start.

Kevin: What’s the typical writing day for you and the place do you make the essentials of your writing?

Geoff: I work in a standard writing place, which is the type of enterprise that may solely exist in New York (as a result of most of us reside in flats the dimensions of a washroom). It's good, there are novelists, journalists, screenwriters and teachers who all share a space, so although I work alone, I’ve the impression of having colleagues.

These days, a typical day of writing begins after the fall of my youngsters depart the varsity bus in the morning at 7:45 am and end when the afternoon bus drops them off on my knees at three:45 pm Somewhere within the middle, I have lunch. And infrequently, a nap, if no one else is lying on the sofa alone within the area reserved for writers.


Kevin: How did you get your first agents, a screenwriter and as an writer?

Geoff: The movie got here first – I had my first film agent in 1997 and I didn’t have a studying agent before 2011.

Both processes have been principally the same thing: I first wrote one thing (a script, a novel), after which I rewrote it – with a variety of suggestions from individuals who I trusted – until I cannot enhance it.

Then I contacted everyone knew who knew an agent and asked them if they might be prepared to observe, and in the event that they thought it was ok, would have there an opportunity to cross it on to the agent?

Private references like this are infinitely preferable to a blind query, but the disadvantage is that you must know people who know agents. I managed for that, within the case of my movie career, dwelling in Los Angeles on the sidelines of the movie business for a yr; and within the case of my profession in the e-book, having labored in the film business long sufficient for me to know various producers and film brokers having relationships with booksellers.


Geoff: "An formidable younger psychopath begins to kill his political rivals in an effort to turn out to be president of his educational fraternity." It was presupposed to be a black comedy, but the strategy of co-writing with considered one of my associates, the comedy is someway misplaced.

I feel there’s a copy someplace in a storage cabinet.

Kevin: You could have been nominated for a place. an Emmy in your work on Politically Incorrect.

Geoff: It was a wierd case because I only labored on Politically Incorrect for two weeks on the political conventions of 1996, as a result of I had written jokes for Al Franken, and Al made a recurring phase of the collection ("Strange Bedfellows") during which he and Arianna Huffington slept collectively in a mattress, dressed in flannel pajamas and lingerie, and discussed politics. was back when Arianna was nonetheless Republican)

To this present day, I have no idea how Politically Incorrect was written because I only labored on Al and Arianna's material. The show was carried out stay and, in addition to these segments, Al and Arianna also carried out reside interviews of the conference room through the day on Comedy Central. A lot of the writings have been written on the fly and repeated behind the scenes and within the van driving between the conference venue and the studio the place the show was shot. It was very hectic.

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Kevin: Are you able to tell us slightly concerning the collection The Chronicles of Eggs?

Geoff: This can be a comedy trilogy of adventures that takes place in a pest-infested universe, on a very unfortunate youngster – whose even more unlucky identify is Egg – who discovers that any person shouldn’t be the only one to be in the recreation. a try to kill him. but has no concept why. It's greater than that, together with political intrigue involving rival pirate gangs, slave merchants, a misplaced treasure, and at the very least one lovely however overconfident teenager, however that's the underside line.

My agent described her as 13-year-old Princess Bride, which I feel is sort of correct.

I wrote the primary guide of the trilogy at a time when my filmmaking career was coming to an end (primarily as a result of film studios had stopped making live-action household comedies, which have been the sort of films I was writing), and I was unsure I needed to stay a writer. However earlier than finding a profession, I informed myself that I should write a novel.

And because I assumed it will be the last thing I might have written, I crammed the primary Egg guide with every thing I needed to do. see in a ebook: humor, motion, romance, household drama, political struggles and lots of significantly mutilated pirates.

It's a humorous studying, even whether it is marketed to youngsters, adults seem to like it in some instances, greater than youngsters.

Kevin: How essential is promotion when it comes to selling after the publication of your novel and what do you do when it comes to promoting the e-book in the collection The Chronicles of Egg

Geoff: Once you write a guide, especially a youngsters's ebook, half of your job is to advertise. I've finished various on-line promotion (like this interview, for example), and I typically write humor articles on my weblog (, which is a "when you like that, like the ebook too.

However the primary focus of the promotion was to visit faculties and write to youngsters, so as to interest them in reading the Egg collection. I have visited about 40 faculties within the final three months and, from what I do know of other mid-level writers, it seems to be about the identical. It's exhausting, however the only reliable option to let the audience know that your books exist is to introduce yourself to their faculty and say it yourself.

Kevin: Do you’ve any adaptation tasks, The Egg Chronicles, in a film or tv collection?

Geoff: Not in the meanwhile. It might be nice if it occurred, but I'm very proud of them as books, so it's okay if it isn’t.

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Kevin: How do you strategy the writing of a novel that is totally different from writing a screenplay?

Geoff: The outline is rather less rigorous with a novel, for two reasons. Firstly because you are not chained as intently to a three-act construction during which it’s a must to reside moments like an incident, act breaks, and so on. at particular moments in history.

And secondly, because the method of writing a novel is a lot slower (and, I feel, more directed unconsciously) than you tend to seek out increasingly more as you go along.

But everyone seems to be totally different, as is every venture. With the first egg ebook, I had a primary concept of ​​the start, middle and finish, but I started writing without understanding how I was going from point A to level C. For each following books because they owed two tales in themselves and elements of a larger entire: I spent rather more time making sure my structure was strong earlier than I began.

I by no means tried to write down a screenplay without understanding the entire construction in three acts before beginning. begin. However that's as a result of a minimum of 75% of the storyline is written in a story: you create a blueprint for a story moderately than the final story itself.

Kevin: A lot of your writing, out of your function movie. to political comedy at Beavis & Butthead, has comic parts. Have you ever had any coaching in comedy, similar to workshops or upgraded courses, or are you simply humorous by nature?

Geoff: I have never attended formal training and I’ve never been an interpreter, however I have all the time been. a comedy author. As I stated at the very prime, the first issues I wrote have been humor pieces for my high school diary, and I've never actually needed do something else in my life after that.

However the coaching was on the rendezvous. Over time, you start to know what works and what doesn’t work. Although every audience and every media is totally different – what's funny in a weblog publish isn’t all the time what's funny in a movie, which is humorous in a film doesn’t essentially work in a novel and this that works for 10-year-olds in all probability won’t work for 30.

Kevin: Lastly, what recommendation would you give to aspiring screenwriters or is there anything that Would you wish to share?

Geoff: Artistic Speaking, it is best to write the sort of stories you need to see as a member of the audience.All the most effective work has been making an attempt to you first (the disadvantage is that, if other individuals do not share your tastes, it could be troublesome to get paid.)

On the professional aspect, if you wish to grow to be a screenwriter in 2014, you you need to give attention to tv. The originals within the films – no less than at this level – have dropped so much that even probably the most gifted screenwriters I know are spending at the very least a part of their time on tv. There are simply not many roles within the film business because the enterprise models that supported the market have stopped working.

This might change sooner or later. However within the brief term, a lot of the alternatives are on television.

  Chronicles of the trilogy of eggs


Kevin: Sort of predilection of the egg: devil or Benedict?

Geoff: Benedict.

Kevin: The worst sort of hacker: Blackbeard, Somali or digital?

Geoff: Blackbeard. Sadistic and horrible violence was on one other degree in the course of the golden age of piracy. So far as I know, Somali pirates are just making an attempt to make a dwelling. They will not put your cranium in a vise and tighten it until your eyes shine, that's the type of thing that hackers like Blackbeard did recurrently.

Kevin: [19659014] If Bill Maher and Al Franken had to struggle within the fist, who would win?

Geoff: I'm unsure of a battle within the fist, regardless that Al would undoubtedly win a wrestling match. He used to wrestle in highschool, he was very stocky, his middle of gravity was low and he stored up pretty properly. Maher has a much lighter frame. Fifteen years ago, I feel he used to go to the fitness center, however I'm unsure anymore that he does it now. I read in a magazine article that he was smoking plenty of grass. Which doesn’t stop you from going to the fitness center, however it makes it less doubtless.

(Photograph by: Julio Alejandro Paredes Ramos)



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