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Q & A with Alexander Robb | Scripts & Scribes

Q & A with Alexander Robb | Scripts & Scribes

Nov 17, 2017 by Kevin

Interview with Alexander Robb, Head of Literary Production and Producer.

Kevin Fukunaga (Scripts & Scribes): How did you get began in entertainment and why do you need to work in the business?

Alexander Robb: It's an extended story. Baby in Michigan, I really liked the films and TV. I spent lots of time outdoors but I used to be a sponge of every little thing on the large display. Let's move shortly to Michigan State University and, after struggling to discover a passion in my research, I came throughout the movie. It was a bit of an concept left to enter Michigan leisure. No member of my family has ever worked within the business. Years later, I moved to Southern California and started working in bodily manufacturing, starting from sweeping the floors of massive studio movies just like the thriller Jodie Foster, FLIGHT PLAN, to the collection stunts. Mark Burnett / Sylvester Stallone, THE CONTENDER. He was then hired into an assistant place at The Gersh Agency inside a senior agent of the TV channel Lit, then briefly was unbiased movie financing before turning into artistic director at Melee Entertainment. Publish writer on strike, I opened my very own retailer where I presently work in all walks of enterprise. All kinds. Movie. Indie and studio. TV. Reside action. Animation. Script. With out script. Edition. Video video games. Comics. Content material for youngsters. And so forth.

Kevin: What was your first script sale and the way did you rejoice the occasion?

Alexander: Eesh. Put me on the spot !! Truthfully, I do not keep in mind, however I will inform you how I started my enterprise. After the scrum, I was caught between overqualification for an assistant place and an underqualification for a studio improvement position. The financial system in 2009-10 was shit, but I left Melee with a couple of properties, including one, a Hitchcockian invasion thriller that I specified and which finally started my business with my first shopper? His specs result in a improvement alternative on a function film that was to be the continuation of THE DEVIL & S ADVOCATE with the producer of the original film, Arnold Kopelsohn.

Kevin: What is your typical work week and how many occasions do you want speaking to your clients?

Alexander: The work varies. Some weeks I concentrate on grades and improvement. Others I take meetings and make shows. Some negotiate agreements whereas others arrange conferences for my shoppers and talk about technique. Every of my shoppers advantages from a personal and practical technique. We talk about each artistic alternative and attempt to guide their artistic strengths and passions, while highlighting alternatives and shopping for mental property rights.

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Kevin: You could have been working in the business since 2004. How has the corporate changed since your inception? and the place do you assume it is going to go in the future?

Alexander: Excellent question. The past, the current and the longer term are all fractured however linked. The system is consistently evolving. Both creatively and financially. I might complain about it for days however typically? As know-how evolves, content material and consumption evolve with every new improvement. Take, for instance, video games. In a number of many years, the worldwide video game business has literally overshadowed the full GDP of the intercourse business, reaching a gross complete of about 100 billion dollars worldwide. Level? Shoppers have a particularly assorted set of entertainment options, regardless of their type and help. For tomorrow? I see a world where the machine continues to mix with the individual. It might be ten years or much less, however VR and AR won’t only create new alternatives, however bodily media will change once more, particularly with respect to house video and streaming influences film and television. It was not so long ago, I signed a contract with CAA for certainly one of my shoppers to put in writing one of the first Oculus Rift VR video games, Chronos, which was principally Zelda beneath steroids. The sport is extraordinarily immersive and the writers' fees within the video games sector are healthy. And while there are completely totally different challenges to finding a job for a customer in the recreation area, I think about we’ll proceed to see a convergence of know-how and storytelling that makes a extra interactive expertise.

Kevin: Can you explain just a little details about the state of the market specs and how do you, as a supervisor and producer, combine the event process?

Alexander: The specification market is a problem. For whatever purpose, the fabric must not only be creatively conciliatory, however its execution is paramount to getting it to the subsequent degree. It's not all the time the case. Unrelated IP concepts or skills used to sell. The (packaged) websites are nevertheless extremely popular. However, this focus for specifications is a slender window that has to adapt to producers, studios, showrunners and networks. Briefly? The specs have to be good. And it's just to interact within the conversation to know if a player might be interested or not. As for the place I personally stand in the course of? I’ll say that. All my life, I have been unbiased. So, as the saying goes, if you’d like something to be carried out appropriately? You do it yourself. Definitely, I still play a task within the general system. But every artistic alternative represents a singular enterprise opportunity. Typically I’ve the thought of ​​presenting a venture to a shopper and we construct the property from scratch. An overview for the ultimate model, with many intermediate variations. Some properties also need a bit nudge so I will typically create a lookbook. Others I’ll spend plenty of time acquiring the rights to a graphic novel, which I will store as a producer, and which I will seek in partnership and finally, packaging. And typically I search for job alternatives for my shoppers. And it goes much further than that, however it's the tip of the iceberg. I am additionally a marketing consultant for a unbelievable company referred to as Roadmap Writers. They assist writers get in touch with business professionals and supply packages starting from venture criticism to non-public mentoring, the place I help each writer discover his voice.

Kevin: Obviously, most of all, a author has to write down a script that basically excites. however are there genres or subjects which are notably troublesome to promote for child writers?

Alexander: I’ll strategy this answer from a slightly totally different angle. My evaluation of a writer is especially based mostly on their expertise. I’m in search of a writer with a imaginative and prescient. With type in their writings the place they let their voices breathe and do not get caught in the confines of the path of the digital camera or flat and coated descriptions that talk to the reader. In the long run, I feel that anyone with actual expertise can work and achieve all genres and all media. Take, for example, BROAD CITY, on Comedy Central. The ladies? They only had it !! That stated, you possibly can all the time evaluate the market and see what is selling and lighting up in inexperienced. Consider the timing although. Most of the time, if you see an ad within the trades, this challenge will already be between six months and three years already. It is subsequently essential to concentrate on the artistic ebb and move.

Kevin: What are your expectations when signing a brand new shopper? How much material is it splendid to have in their arsenal originally? How typically ought to they write and develop new documents?

Alexander: Great questions. To strategy this from a literal viewpoint? I feel each writer should have the ability to create no less than two scripts and one pitch per yr. At the very least. Ideally, nevertheless, say that a author can do cinema and tv, an hour of theater. Ideally, any author can be properly advised to create four well-developed scripts and one or two well-developed sites per yr. The objective is to make sure that producers, studios and networks, in addition to publishers and recreation developers (for those with a number of union traits) convey opportunities in your personal method. To get there, every writer wants a robust resume. And on this resume, I hope that they’ll convey something unique to the table. Like being a journalist or lawyer. A former cop or instructor. Or you’ll be able to go further and have an identical previous to Channing Tatum and Diablo Cody, and convey a singular life story to the table. Even being a historical past buff or a comic book nerd is valuable. It's about pushing your expertise. And what about success rates? The rationale why writers have to be so prolific is double. One. A superb writer would sell one out of four tasks. Together with places and scripts. A mean writer could be about one in 5 or 6. Which means in case you solely publish two tasks a yr, you’ll be able to promote one thing once each two years. And it's a troublesome option to make a name for your self …

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Kevin: What is the commonest misconception among aspiring writers about what the managers do and do not? 19659003] Alexander: I may even strategy the query from another angle … I’ve a variety of good relationships with several managers. From bigger corporations like Circle of Confusion and Zero Gravity to unbiased managers like me. And I have a ton of respect for what we do. At this time's business is both growing and filled with opportunities, and it’s also more and more troublesome to succeed because of the evolution of improvement. The sport at 10, 15 or 20% is troublesome. Consumers are sluggish to pay and agreements take months to negotiate. Why do I share this because many have no idea what this represents for representatives at present. In the long run, what writers should look for is a supervisor who actually cares about their expertise and believes in it. Because this firm is a marathon. And for me personally, due to the best way I run my enterprise with so many particular person interactions? I’ve to like the individual I work with as a result of I spend a whole lot of time interacting with each shopper !! Ha!! Definitely, if I was responding to a very painful supply of revenue, I might be completely happy to take up the challenge, however regardless of, writers ought to keep away from any rep with which they don’t seem to be synchronized, on totally different fronts. As for what the managers do? See above …

Kevin: What are the most typical errors made by new writers and the way can they be prevented?

Alexander: I'm not a fan of once I see writers following tendencies. Be unique. Simply be sensible about it creatively. Keep in mind that producers spend three to seven years working on a challenge. They want something that is well crafted, with real "legs" and who can promote. They usually have to be pleased with the properties they work on that take them away from their households and characterize them in the business.

Kevin: Finally, what kind of recommendation would you give to future writers or is there anything you do? I want to share?

Alexander: Let your handwriting breathe. And make your voice lively and never passive. Too many writers use "ing" inappropriately. Along with utilizing "is" "sums" and "we see / hear". This creates a flat description that speaks to the reader and locations them behind the action, which distances them from the narrative move.

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Kevin: What’s your favourite badge of all time?

Alexander: Nike? Or the NBA emblem of Jerry West. #basic

Kevin: Who (or what) is your favorite Robb and why? Robb Stark, AnnaSophia Robb or the Robb Report?

Alexander: Oddly enough, there will not be many well-known "Robbs". My family is someplace between the blue collar and the white collar. I might not mind if the family tree incorporates the artistic expertise of AnnaSophia Robb




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