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MP Vyapam GNTST & PNST 2019 Admission Examination Program

MPT Vyapam GNTST and PNST 2019 Candidate Program MPy Vyapam GNTST and PNST 2019 Examination Program Obtain MPPEB GNTST and PNST Mannequin pdf 2019 Checking the Madhya Pradesh GNTST and PNST Mannequin (19659002) GNTST & PNST Program "width =" 108 "peak =" 108 "data-recalc-dims =" 1 "/>

About Vyapam MP:

Vyapam (VYAVSAYIK PAREEKSHA MANDAL) is the skilled examination board of Madhya Pradesh, which comes from Announce Choice Check for Common Nurse Coaching (GNST) and Pre-Nurse Choice Check (PNST) On-line Software Type for Entry Examination

About Examination:

MP Vyapam will maintain the written examination on pc within the month of June 2019. The doorway examination will probably be of the target sort written. Extra particulars on the Examination is offered under.

These days, the extent of competitors has turn out to be very excessive, which makes aggressive exams harder. Candidates face a important drawback: "What to organize" and "Easy methods to put together" to move exams. So, right here we offer the newest GNTST and PNST program and evaluation mannequin, a evaluate led by MP Vyapam.

Examination Mannequin: The examination sample is as follows:

  • The examination will probably be written goal sort (CBT).
  • The examination will include 150 factors / questions.
  • The period of the examination might be 02 hours.
  • The questionnaire might be bilingual, that’s to say in Hindi and English.

Examination Abstract: MP Vyapam GNTST & PNST Syllabus might be as follows:


Unity and Dimensions, Dimensional Evaluation, SI, Models, Two-dimensional movement: uniform velocity and uniform acceleration, basic relation between place and velocity, uniform round movement, pressure and inertia.Lay of Newton's movement, Conservation of quantity of motion and power.

Static and kinetic friction, working power and elastic collisions in energy, potential power, gravitational potential power and its angular conservation at its kinetic power, Potential power of a spring. Inflexible rotation of the physique and conservation of its momentum, second of inertia, theorems of parallel and perpendicular axes. (second of inertia of the ring, disc, skinny rod and uniform cylinder solely).

Acceleration as a consequence of gravity and its variation, common regulation of gravitation, geostationary satellites, velocity of flight.

Hooke's regulation, Younger's modulus, shear and mass modulus, floor power and floor rigidity, kinetic principle of gases, legal guidelines of gases, kinetic power and temperature.

Particular warmth and mechanical equivalents at fixed quantity and fixed strain of warmth, isothermal and adiabatic processes. Warmth conduction in a single dimension, convection and radiation, Stefan's regulation and Newton's regulation of cooling. Periodic motion, easy harmonic motion, oscillations as a result of spring. Wave movement, superposition precept, progressive and stationary waves, beats and Doppler impact.

Nature of the sunshine wave, interferences, double slit Younger's experiment, velocity of sunshine and Doppler impact in mild.

Reflection, refraction, complete inner reflection, curved mirrors, lenses, mirror and lens formulation.

Dispersion within the spectrum of prisms, spectra of absorption and emission. Human eye, imaginative and prescient defects, magnification and resolving energy of the telescope and microscope.

"e" and "e / m" for and electron, Einstein's photoelectric equation, photocells.

Bohr mannequin of the atom, spectrum of hydrogen, composition of the nucleus, atomic plenty and isotopes, radioactivity, legal guidelines of radioactive decay, decay fixed, half life and common life, relation power mass, fissions, X-rays, properties and makes use of.

Elementary conductor, semiconductor and insulator concepts, intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, pn junction as a rectifier. Magnetic bar, strains of drive, torque on a magnetic bar as a result of a magnetic area, terrestrial magnetic area, galvanometer tangent, maganetometer vibration.

Coulomb's regulation of electrostatics, dielectric fixed, electrical subject and potential due to some extent cost, dipole, dipolar subject, Guass's regulation in a easy geometry.

Electrostatic potential, capacitance, parallel plate and spherical capacitances in collection and in parallel, power of a capacitor.Electrical present, Ohm's regulation, Kirchhoff legal guidelines, collection and parallel resistances as a perform of temperature, Wheat stone bridge, potentiometer. Measurement of voltage as currents.

Electrical power, thermal results of currents, chemical results and the regulation of thermoelectricity by electrolysis Savart Blot Regulation, magnetic fields because of a round loop in straight wire and to a solenoid.

Pressure exerted on a shifting load in a magnetic area (Lorentz pressure), magnetic second of a present loop, impact of a uniform magnetic area of a present loop, forces between two currents, shifting coil, galvonometer, ammeter and voltmeter.

Emf induced by electromagnetic induction, Faradays regulation, Lenz regulation, self and mutual AC currents, impedance and reactance, progress and decay of present within the L – R circuit, elementary concept if dynamo and transformer.



Construction of the atom: constitutions of the nucleus: Bohr mannequin: quantum numbers Precept of. Aufbau, digital configuration of the weather (as much as Kr): De – Broglie relation, orbitatis varieties.

Chemical binding: electrovalent, covalent and coordinate bonds, hybridization (sp): hydrogen bond: molecule types (VSEPR principle): polarity of the bond, resonance, parts of VBT a MOT.

Options: expression fashions of answer concentrations: forms of options, Raoult's regulation of collative properties, non-ideal answer, irregular molecular weights.

Strong state: crystalline lattices, elementary cells, construction of ionic compounds: compact construction: ionic rays, imperfections (level defects): properties of solids.

Nuclear chemistry: radioactive radiation: half-life, radioactive decay, construction of the dispersion regulation and nucleus construction: nuclear response, collection of decays mutation: isotopes and their makes use of: radiocarbon courting

Chemical equillibrium: chemical equillibrium, regulation of mass motion: Kp and Kc: The precept of Le Chatelier and its purposes. Ionic equilibrium in options, solubility product, widespread ionic impact, theories of acids and primary hydrolysis of salts: PH: buffers.

Thermochemistry and thermodynamics: altering power beneath the impact of chemical response: intrinsic and thermal power, first regulation of thermodynamics: precept of Hess regulation of reactions: second regulation of dynamics: power free power: spontaneity of A chemical response: change of free power and chemical equilibrium: free power as power obtainable for helpful work.

Chemical kinetics: velocity of a response, elements affecting velocity, fixed fee of expression, order of response, first-order fixed velocity expression and traits, equation of Arrhenous. [Electrochemistry: oxidation, oxidation number and ion – electron methods]

. Electrolytic conduction, Faraday's regulation: voltaic pile, electrochemical principle of corrosion. Floor chemistry, colloids and catalysis: Adsorption, colloids (preparation and properties varieties), Emulsions, Micelles, kinds of catalysis and traits.


Precept and metallurgical operations: furnaces, ore focus, extraction, metallurgical purification of Na, Al, Fe, Cu, Ag, Zn and Pb and their properties. Periodicity of chemical block parts f and f, periodic desk: periodicity: atomic and ionic valence, ionization power, electro-negativity by digital affinity, metallic character.

Comparative research of the weather: comparative research of the next households of parts 1. Alkaline metals 2. Alkaline earth metals three. Nitrogen household four. Oxygen household 5. Halogens 6. Uncommon gases [19659005] Transition metals: digital configuration of 3D metallic ions, oxidation states, different basic attribute properties, potassium permanganate, potassium dichromate. [19659047] Coordination compounds: easy nomenclature, binding and stability, classification and organometallic bonding. Chemical evaluation: the chemistry used is an easy quantitative evaluation: calculations based mostly on acid titrimetry.


Calculations of empirical and molecular formulation of natural compounds, menclature of natural compounds, widespread practical teams isomerism construction and types of alkanes, alkanes and benzene.

Improvement properties and makes use of of alkynes, alkynes, benzene, cracked octane quantity, components for gasoline.

Nomenclature, physicochemical properties, correlation of bodily properties with structural properties and makes use of of heloalkanes, halobenzenes, alcohols and phenols: common concepts of some polyhalogenated compounds, specifically chloroform, carbon tetrachloride DDT hexachloride benzene.

Nomenclature, strategies of preparation, chemical properties correlations of bodily properties with the construction and makes use of of elhers aldehydes, corboxylic acids and their derivatives, briefly a rely of cyanide isocyanide chemistry, amines and nitro compounds.

Polymers: classification: preparation and makes use of of widespread pure and artificial polymers.

Bio-molecules: classification, construction and organic significance of amino acid carbohydrates, peptides, proteins and enzymes, nucleic acids and lipids

three. BIOLOGY:


Structural group of the cell, mobile principle. Optical and digital microscope view of cells. construction and features of mobile organs: nucleic mitochondria, chloroplasts, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi complicated lysosome, microorganisms, microfilaments ribosomes. Centrioles and plasmids, eukaryotic chromosome (morphology) cell and plasma membrane. Distinction between cell division and animal division, which means of mitosis and meiosis within the cell cycle

Mendel's regulation on inheritance, crossing of monohyobrids and dihybrids; Lineage and crossbreeding of genetic materials Relation of DNA, transcription of genetic code, translation and regulation of genes.

Distinction between prokaryotes and eukaryotes: copy of construction and financial significance of Mycoplasma, Bacteriophage, cynobacteria (Nostoc) viruses and micro organism.

Classification of the binomial nomenclature kingdom: exterior morophology and life cycle of spirogyra mucor, funaria selaginella and pinus.

Elementary information of microsporogenesis, megasporongenesis. Fertilization of endosperms and improvement of embryos in angiosperms.Techniques, meristematic and everlasting tissues, important parts of mineral vitamin and their features: absorption of mineral transport by water and solutes.

Photosynthesis and respiration transpiration: significance, mechanism and elements affecting course of: photorespiration. Enzymes and progress hormones, with regard to their classification, their chemical nature and their mode of motion. Elementary concept of ​​photoperiodism and phytochrome.

Ecosystem – construction and performance, most important ecosystems, lake and forest; meals chain., meals net and power stream, ecological crises position of man in a polluting setting – air, water and soil.

Position of crops in human well-being: common information of plant merchandise with financial worth: medicines, fiber, cereals. [19659007] Wheat and rice, legumes (in grams), oilseeds (peanuts), sugar cane, coal and petroleum, meals preservation strategies and significance.

Precept of plant breeding and its position in crop enchancment, biotechnology, scope and significance in agriculture and cheese manufacturing industries. Antibiotics of yoghurt.



– Construction and performance of animal epithelial, muscular, skeletal and nervous connective tissues.

– Histology of mammalian organs, gut, liver, kidney, lung, testes and ovary

– Construction and physiology of the varied natural techniques of the human physique. Pores and skin, digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, excretory system, nervous system, reproductive system.

– Skeleton, joints, muscle tissue on the base of motion receptors.

– Endocrine system with specific reference to totally different endocrine glands coordinating between people and hormones.

– Nutritional vitamins and minerals (supply and deficiency issues).


– Reproductive cycle in mammals. Gametogenesis with construction of sperm and egg. Forms of eggs, fertilization, varieties of cleavage and blastula, improvement of mammals as much as three germ layers. Construction and features of the fetal membrane in mammals.

– Progress, restore, ageing, amniocentesis

– Chromosomes, chromosome varieties, karyotype and chromosome abnormalities, hormonal, chromosomal and gene syndromes, intercourse willpower, intercourse linkage and gender-related inheritance man, blood group and its significance, blood financial institution.

– Tissue tradition, genetic engineering (brief concept), mutation of a mutation gene.

– Mortality of the inhabitants, intercourse ratio, explosion, Dynamics of human life with regard to the meals provide, the well being of housing and the usual of dwelling. Impression of inhabitants issues and their management.


– Classification – bionomial and trinomial nomenclature, primary options of classification, classification of various animal phyla to courses with characters and appropriate examples.

– Origin of life, theories of natural evolution – Darwin, L amarck, artificial proof of natural evolution, human evolution. – Financial zoology / sericulture, beekeeping, fish farming, poultry farming, fishing and pearl business

– Protozaon illness in people, illnesses carrying bugs in people. – Varieties of most cancers and contagious illnesses of most cancers cells (hepatitis, AIDS). STD, immune response, vaccines and antisera. – Smoking, alcoholism and habit, signs and management. – Conservation of nature

– Pesticides – customers, advantages and dangers


1. Studying comprehension

2. Vocabulary gadgets together with synonyms and antonyms, phrase formation, prefixes, suffixes.

three. Grammar and utilization:

a) Articles and determinants
b) Settlement between topic and verb
c) Time and time
d) Prepositions and phrasal verbs.

] (e) Auxiliaries, together with modals.

four. Transformation of sentences.

a) Voice: lively and passive.
b) Narration: direct and oblique.
c) Levels if comparability
d) Varieties of sentences: affirmative, unfavorable and interrogative.

5. Widespread errors.

6. Spelling (the British spelling mannequin might be adopted)
Notes: –

Candidates are suggested to keep up a correspondence with the official web site of MP Vyapam and to go to the web site of MP Vyapam GNTST & PNST. Candidates also can create a bookmark (WWW.JOBRIYA.IN) for normal updates relating to the examination, the admission of the cardboard and different associated info.

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