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Up to now two weeks, Academy women have passed their superior exams in the hope of acquiring a high enough end result to deserve educational credit score. Although each AP scholar's opinion of a category might range, everybody can at the very least agree that one of the best part of the examination is the following memes. Here’s a record of the perfect memes from the AP 2019 exams:

AP Artwork History

"The six essays required for the AP Art History examination gave the appearance of a breeze. I have barely escaped from my life, "says Claire Rogan (20).

My check rating was quicker than James Charles, #aparthistory #apah

– Sky (@ThotVegan) on Might 15, 2019 [19659006] "Write two BOTH examples of how David present intercultural links "#aparthistory #apah

Sky (@ThotVegan), Might 14, 2019

Make an error within the identification of a murals. art considered one of my historical past artwork essays

– Ronaldo (@ MATABOLAOS1) Might 15, 2019

Collegeboard once they consult Twitter and see all these memes of art historical past #APAH

– Maggie Wynn (@maggiemwynn) on Might 14, 2019

AP Biology

"We made it," says Rachel Brown ("20).

me on a number of decisions vs me on the free reply #apbio

– m (@matchamii) Might 13, 2019

Identical to the sum of p and q, my score will probably be equal to 1 #apbio #biology [19659002] – Laura 🇵🇦 (@Lauralougolf) On Might 11, 2019

if you end up a purple pinwheel and you see another pink pinwheel, #apbiology [19659008] – Fia (@fia_zentmeyer) Might 13, 2019

When the only answer you get relating to the AP biology check is that Chicago is a city. # Apbiology

– Brynn (@LuckyBrynn) Might 13, 2019

[19659002] AP Calculus

"The Calc examination was simply a type of things where you thought it couldn’t get worse … this is the case, "says Achona's editor Juliana Ferrie (19).

It does not matter. what measurement dh / dt is, this cylinder of rain won’t ever be large enough to include all my tears #apcalc

– Mikazzi (@Mikazzi_) Might 14, 2019

#APCalculus Me, utilizing my superior information in calculating to rely fishing in the pond

– Tyrelobster (@tyrelobster) Might 14, 2019

when the highest of the evaluate #APCalculus mc was saying "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA" I felt that

– Beckett Patterswag (@beebop_patt) Might 14, 2019

Limestone Calculus Scholar

On the lookout for a:
The closest reply selection of mine # apcalc #APCalculus

– nøri (@ u5_su) on Might 14, 2019

by nøri (@ u5_su) on Might 14, 2019


"I know that my thoughts gained momentum once I was learning this exam," says Lilian Tracy (& # 39; 20).

Whenever you examine the periodic table for the X factor and that it isn’t listed there #APChem[19659002] – Do not feed the wildlife (@navyandburgundy) , Might 9, 2019

for all these whose PV = nRT acquired no mole or quantity #APChem #apchem #APChemistry[19659002(Spots)(@hotnspicyboys))10mai2019[19659007] pH of a robust acid check
Robust acid quantity


– Creighton Ferree (@CreightonFerree) Might 9, 201 9

CollegeBoard: Listing the 39 ; intermolecu-


In conclusion: I missed the question chemistry exam #APChem #APChemistry

– oh worm? (@saltydork) Might 9, 2019

Rules of Pc Science (AP)

"There was nothing humorous about it. This evaluation was the worst, "says Molly LeePack (& ​​# 39; 20).

#Aspcsp Spoilers Without Context¹-lesplsdecollegeboardn'annulentpasmesscores(@ya_boi_age)le11might2019

When one in every of his 500 check instances does not work, he tells me want #APCSP[19659002-D(@d_brad4d)le10mai2019

about to eat my pb & j figuring out that my peanut butter has a low sodium content jxE3E6FZqO

– Junior. (@LyricalMeans) Might 10, 2019

Once you use the identical password for all your staff #APCSP

– D (@ d_brad4d) Might 10, 2019

AP Environmental Science

"It was humiliating … I do not assume I've ever felt so silly earlier than. I discovered myself questioning the validity of my intelligence. It may need worked nicely, nevertheless it didn’t seem to be the case – we'll comprehend it in July, "says Hira Khan (19).

When you need to throw two retractable dandruff to take the examination #steps #apesexam

– V 🕊 (@bigegokinty) Might 6, 2019

When the Piping Plovers uncover a sparse vegetation vary #apes ] – Hizuh (@bustedbrownboy) Might 6, 2019

not a single soul:

a university board: what is SCENERY EqUaTiOn-

– I do not appear to be not at mia khalifa (1965) @colonialdrugs) Might 6, 2019

piping plovers are trying to find places to nest #apes[19659002¹-Ana🌈(@dolfionn)le6mai2019

c&# 39; is the demon i see in the nook of my room when i have paralysis of sleep #apesexam

– Adrian (@adrianksnaps) Might 6, 2019

AP Human Geography

"I'm Maria Kynkor (21)

School Council: We'll by no means see more memorable memes in my life: we'll see all of it time
everybody: I don’t assume we handed anyway #aphug #apexam [19659002] – Princess Posadas (@ princessp0sadas) Might 15, 2019

#aphug check: What does this show image?

Wanting on the grainy black and white photograph offered:

– Mags (@ magcamp02) Might 14, 2019

Me who opens the package deal frq with out understanding what devolution is #aphug # aphuge #APHumanGeography

– annie (@annie_est_cool) Might 14, 2019


literally no one:

not one soul:

devolution DeVoLuTiOn 𝒹𝑒𝓋𝑜𝓁𝓊𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃
(◔◡◔) ♥ ♥ devolution ♥ # APHumanGeography #aphug

– lillian (@lilldover) Might 14, 2019

I promised myself not to become involved within the memes I acquired laughed with this one # aphug #APHumanGeography

– itsfreerealestate (@ itsfreerealest7) Might 14, 2019

I paid $ 90 for a check that they might not even print in shade #APHUG #APHumanGeography okay

– Ericka C (@Sili licaC) Might 1, 5, 2019

AP Authorities and Politics

"I felt very ready for the check. I feel we've all completed properly, "says Hannah Rodriguez (19).

Me: Of settlement, I know Schneck, Miranda, McCulloch …
Evaluate: Use Brutus and Fed 10 # APGov # apgov # APGovexam pic.twitter. com / ow2eAPG0o5

– Timothy Burns (@ShmeachyPeach) Might 6, 2019

Me: * studies the 20 required instances of the Supreme Courtroom and memorizes them *
School Board: you already know what is the segregation?

– Noah Ford: no one. (@Whaddaya_Noah) On Might 6, 2019

the jury of pete hernandez's trial shall be as #apgov

– sania〰️ (@ibuprofriend) on Might 6, 2019

me any time I wrote "robust central authorities" #APGov

– Noah Ford: no one. (@Whaddaya_Noah) Might 6, 2019

Language and Composition (1965)

"The Q3 is overvalued," says Sam Cuttle (20).

When your gypsy, communist, suffragette mom sweeps an iron cordial at: #aplang

– emma 🙂 (@eguritza) Might 15, 2019

AP evaluators all study drama James Charles from all our checks of arguments #APlang #aplangexam

– (the jazz music stops) (@AWanderingGhost) Might 15, 2019

The AP readers reading my examination checks #APLang (1959006) [BrookeDarby(@brooke_darby1)14Might2019

Once I saw Ghandi's letter to the AP exam Lang #APLang[19659002CHER-villedeChyna(@Yoyoimchynaa)le15might2019

sto this rhetorical analysis #APLang #APTest

– daniel🐝 (@daniel__taylorr) The 15 Might 2019

Latin AP

"If I had a two, it will be b Victoria Fuentes (20)

informed me" a "for all issues associated to pimples and a "c" for each question caesar #aplatine #aplatinexam[[email protected])17might2019

School Council: Explain Clearly that You Understand Latin
Me: What Do you to know 1Atin ^ 1965900 OK? professional (@epicbeastfreak) Might 12, 2017

Whenever you spend a full yr learning the characters and Roman values ​​in Latin literature, you will only have the ability to have one attempt on the #aplatin fight techniques pic.twitter .com / x073WQujz0 [19659002HERWillWill(@w_krohn)17might2019

Caesar: I feel the British will attack us

The British: * assault the Romans *

Caesar: / vq8qfL1qD2qD2q192901] – Jonathan Lloyd (@jdoglloyd), Might 17, 2019

AP literature

"Irene dressed very elegantly and spent hours n her day by day rest room" #apLit

– Irene Lapham (@Irenonsense) Might 11 2019

#APLit– lexie (@lexieconextreme) 10, 2019

#APLit #aplitmeme
Visitors: * coming and going *
The proprietor: pic.twitter. com / 1zsbuBTMKQ

– I take AP for memes (@ ebogus215) 2019

the identical factor #aplit

– christy (@christianawagnr) Might 8, 2019

ethical of the written examination #APLit

– dao (@cdaoyang) Might 8, 2019

AP Microeconomics

"There was a FRQ on pizza and that's actually all I understood," says Maya Harrell ("20).

# 1965 APMicro Petrol Station #APMicroeconomics FillUp when individuals began biking:

– Isha (@isha_dhakal) Might 17, 2019

the mash patrick: I provides you with $ 20 to remain out of the market
the pizzeria dee: #apmicro #apecon

– صفاء🦋 (@SaffaRehman_) Might 17, 2019

Sergio eat a pizza till its marginal utility reaches 0 #apmicro

– Ronan Hart (@Absolute_Ronan) Might 17, 2019

Patrick's Pies pours cash to the pizzeria Dee's to remain bankrupt. #APMicro

– Yunggphelicks (@yunggphelicks) Might 17, 2019

Shawntel lives in the lake together with his $ 10,000 revenue #APMicro #Apmicroeconomics (@ acruz_04) Might 17, 2019

Principle of AP Music

"Memes have been so humorous," says Alley Pauley (19).

I was looking for which answer was one of the best and accentuations for sentence 1 of the primary section #APMusicTheory

– eve (@eveemeej) Might 17, 2019

although who composed the half sung on view at the examination of the AP Music Concept ???? I simply need to speak … #APMusicTheory

– mäcëy (@tthemacmonster) Might 17, 2019

AP Physics

"I tried to look the AP Physics examination memes on Twitter after the exam, but I might hardly Maddie Chandler (19)

m & # 39; stated that the couple had appeared on the examination of #apphysics.

emily (@ abre0n) Might 7, 2019

air resistance my physics check rating ap


– ellie 🙂 (@ ellielin02) Might 8, 2019

The 3 objects of equal mass with gravitational potential power between them # APPhysics1 #APPhysics

– bob (@jvikho) Might 7 2019

Nobody makes reminiscence on the bodily ap 1 check as a result of no one is aware of what simply happened [19659002] – lou | NSFR (@gcpchuu) Might 7, 2019

Spanish AP

"I converse fluently and I do not even know what’s a pedagogy," says Sarah Munera (# 20).

emilio when he's exercising but he's not consuming enough water #Pispanish

– Jared T. (@JareBear__) Might 7 2019

Me: * desperately making an attempt to construct a thesis with the collective three Spanish words that I know *
Examination: pedagogía

– Liam Bullock (@liam__bullock) Might 7, 2019

me realizing vivienda means housing #Spanish

– kyra (@kyraschobel) Might 7, 2019

AP Statistics

"The start was quite a bit simpler than I assumed. in the long run, it turned a bit harder, "says Grace Costantini (& # 39; 20).

we are 95% assured that the vary of 1 to 2 represents the true score I will obtain at tomorrow's statistics examination #APStats

– kayleigh (@kale_meme) Might 16, 2019

When Emma's buddies ask her how their condo is sporting and exhibits them her bootstrap distribution of medians #apstats FMd3iVUhYY

– jillian grace (@ jillybean_416) Might 16, 2019

Me, at the Apple Retailer, I'm in search of Z-score to see if the 2-year warranty is value it. #apstats #apstat #stats

– Connor Lucas (@ connor_lucas17) Might 16, 2019

Query 6 of the #APStats check ought to be thought-about a hate crime

– Alex Cotterman (1965). @ ACott58) Might 16, 2019

History of the USA of America

"This evaluation was a bit ridiculous, but I feel we had it in the box," says Sophia Montero (& # 39; 20).

not a single soul:
douglas airline firm: milk will save us from communism! #APUSH #APUSHexam

– ori! (@rileyoriana) Might 10, 2019

2.) Please explain ONE


– faculty (@ coleman1113) Might 10, 2019

Subsequent Great Society: # apush

– dom g (@ dom_gonzalez1) Might 10, 2019

I am:

in accordance with the American consumerist culture laws

researching: [19659002] male
A small sticky and sticky field # APUSH

– Dad (@CummiesRYummies) on Might 10, 2019

me in search of #apushexam memes however not wanting the recommendation of A university invalid my score

– har ♡ (@itsyagirlhar) Might 10, 2019