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Added: 2017-03-01

Size: 356.85 MB

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Hash (Base16): 7694003D29511E35C973ADCA1AF11B04EBEBB33D


Quantum Break - COMPLETE (c) Microsoft Studios

Release Date :  10/2016              Protection : Steam
Discs        :  1                    Genre      : Action

In the aftermath of a split second of  destruction  that  fractures
time  itself,  two  people  find  they  have  changed   and  gained
extraordinary  abilities.  One of  them travels  through  time  and
becomes hell-bent on controlling this power. The other  uses  these
new abilities to  attempt to  defeat him  and fix  time  before  it
tears itself irreparably apart.  Both face  overwhelming  odds  and
make dramatic choices that will determine the shape of the future.

- Burn or mount the .iso
- Run setup.exe and install
- Copy crack from CODEX dir to installdir
- Play (start from a shortcut !)

Notes: This pack includes all live-action episodes and plays them just
like the original but without any network activity, so you can enjoy
the full story without the need to stream the movies directly from
Microsoft servers with your cracked copy.

Technical notes: The game isn't just able to play the live-action
movies from local storage without any modification, it actually tries
to do exactly that. BUT the developer/publisher decided not to include
the necessary BINK2 videos in the installation. So it falls back to
online streaming.
Unfortunately the online videos have an entirely different format, so
they can't just be downloaded and put into the game folder. It is also
not possible to convert them to BINK2 because the encoder is not
freely available.
The way this crack works is that it intercepts the connection to the
XBox live servers and copies the requested streaming fragments directly
from disk to memory.
We decided to include the 1080p high-bitrate versions of the video
files as that is the most common resolution among gamers.

The first update is included in this release, as well as the multilingual
audio/subtitles support for the locally stored episodes:


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